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Links you might’ve missed:

  • OMG you gays, it’s Pride Month! If you’re heading to the party, read this piece about how to be a good LGBT ally. Hot tip: Straight ppl, it’s not about you.
  • National Reconciliation Week just wrapped up. ICYMI: Leaders called for a treaty in the “Uluru Statement From The Heart,” rejecting the idea of constitutional recognition.
  • Territorians: Barunga Festival is on 9-11 June.
  • Photos of lattes? Un-ironic hotdogs or legs? A selfie carousel? Here’s what to do when you love your friend but kinda hate them on social media.
  • “Where’s my black, gay dragon-slayer?” asks Nayuka Gorrie, at the Sydney Writer’s Fest.
  • “The dilemma is this: by continually rebranding history we risk obscuring history and erasing our shame – a shame that forces us to tell the truth about our past, and understand that this past still shapes our present.” That’s what the normally spot-on Julia Baird had to say about the Margaret Court arena controversy. Hmmmm, not sure we agree. You?
  • “White women drive me crazy,” writes Aisha Mirza in this BuzzFeed essay.
  • There’s a new book coming out re: how we can fight for our own career success. Not Just Lucky by Jamila Rizvi (full disclosure: she’s Grace’s ex-boss) will launch July 3 at an event with Susan Carland.
  • U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wins everything. But especially this class photo.
  • We’ll fight with you about the cultural significance of Kim Kardashian any day of the week, but this profile of her right-hand woman, Stephanie Sheperd, was delicious. Choice excerpt? Kanye West loves Cards Against Humanity and Kris Jenner runs shit exactly the way you think she does — “like a fucking G.”

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