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I can’t quite remember the first drink I had, but it was probably (definitely) a Smirnoff Double Black. While my tastes might have evolved a little since I was 14 (although we’re kidding ourselves if we don’t think an Aperol Spritz is just a socially acceptable version of a Bacardi Breezer), my reliance on drinking as a social lubricant hasn’t as much. In a culture centred around drinking as a social activity, it can be really hard to separate socialising and drinking, and I know I’m not the only one who feels fidgety about meeting the girls for a glass of wine and *not* actually having a glass of wine. Right?

So I was excited to chat with comedian Felicity Ward about her own struggle with sobriety, and while that might not be the move we all need to make, there’s some excellent tips in here on how to not keep reliving your Year 10 Formal again and again.

In this issue, Grace also speaks with activist/academic/researcher/former Australian Muslim of the Year Dr Susan Carland about her new book, which examines the intersection between Islam and feminism. We also ask Sydney-based singer-songwriter Montaigne, who you might remember wearing “People over profit” on her chest at last year’s ARIAs, about Sydney’s lockout laws, and bring you an intro to hand embroidery (now you have all that hangover-free time!)

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– Mia (& Grace)

(Feature photograph: Anna Snowsill)

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