• Are you getting paid enough? You can type in your job title in this Fairfax widget thingy, and it will tell you the average salary for your role (and, depressingly, how much more you’d be getting if you had a penis.)
  • Is the word “adulting” kind of infantalising and sexist? Yep, according to this op-ed in The Washington Post, which suggests we embrace being “an-ironic adult females” and ditch the cutesy “I’m done adulting. Let’s be mermaids” memes.
  • Solange wrote a letter to her teenage self for Teen Vogue and it’s beautiful and powerful and moving because of course it is.
  • There’s a panel at Vivid Fest in Sydney about women in music! On the calendar.
  • In 2016, while women made up the majority of entry level staff at the UN, their representation in the workforce continued to drop the more senior the role. So can the UN practice what it preaches on gender parity at work?
  • Chanel is selling a $2k boomerang, which is all kinds of the worst. “We’ve been defending our cultures for hundreds of years, from the people who want to consume us and our land but don’t want us in their neighbourhoods,” writes Gomeroi woman Alison Whittaker for Junkee.
  • Making this flow chart into a t-shirt for Christmas. LMK who else wants one.

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