By Mia Abrahams

Links you might’ve missed:

  • By now, you’ve heard about Mamamia’s interview with leading feminist writer and academic, Roxane Gay. Maxine Beneba Clarke wrote this essay on why nonfiction authors like Gay and herself, who write about race, sexual assault and discrimination in the hope of changing the lives of others, choose not to “remain silent in the face of ignorance, stupidity or distress”. If you haven’t yet, you can buy Hunger here (and watch Gay’s TED talk here.)
  • Reason #457 why we love the internet: The Babadook (yes, star of the terrifying 2014 Australian indie horror film) is now a queer icon and I am HERE👏🏽FOR👏🏽 IT👏🏽!
  • The Sydney Film Festival has several events dedicated to feminism and film, and Sydney’s feminist filmmakers. Check it out!
  • Why did the Senate vote to keep the tampon tax (aka taxing tampons and pads as a “non-essential” health item)? Is it because periods are *such* a luxury… or… male privilege? Hmmm…
  • “Pornhub Is the Kinsey Report of Our Time.” So argues this thoughtful essay, which says online porn may have “done more to expand the sexual dreamscape” than even Freud. Also, if you’re curious to know what kind of porn women watch the most…
  • What does the world look like through the lens of black women photographers?
  • JK Rowling’s Twitter thread about the misogynistic criticism of women in politics is pretty spot on.
  • If you’re not sick of the Wonder Woman buzz (the movie is actually super entertaining—go buy a jumbo popcorn and have fun) get ready to “aww” over these kindy kids’ responses to it.
  • Carly Findlay gave a recent speech on how disability is the forgotten part of diversity.
  • Apparently, “most women” are working below their skill level, even though we’re super smart and educated. Sound familiar? It’s all down to the “Paula Principle.”

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