“If there were more women in politics,” we often say to each other, “stuff like this wouldn’t happen”. “Stuff” being the NSW Parliament voting not to decriminalise abortion, or, insufficient funding being devoted to fighting violence against women in the budget, or, a *serious* level of short-sightedness on climate-change action (the consequences of which we know will affect women the most).

But, being a woman in Australian politics still ain’t easy. We all saw the treatment of PM Julia Gillard, we’ve spoken to MP Anne Aly about the online abuse she receives daily, and a recent outcry over Greens Senator Larissa Waters breastfeeding her daughter in Parliament shows that we have a long way to go to encourage more women to choose the difficult path of politics.

This week, we speak with Waters about the biggest issues facing young Australian women, and Young Australian of the Year nominee Tarang Chawla argues that combating domestic violence requires a serious culture change. And, because it’s the 25 year anniversary of Looking For Alibrandi (and we’re here for you like that), we chat with Kick Gurry, who played your dream bae Jacob Coote in the 2000 film adaption of the best-selling book.

Also, we’d like to think that Josie Alibrandi, who dreamed of becoming a barrister, would totally be making her way into elected office by now. Alibrandi 2018, anyone?

Until next time,

Mia and Grace


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